Disc Brakes Australia

DBA is an Australian owned manufacturer, designer and global marketer of after-market and OE disc brake rotors.

Manufacturing safety for over 40 years

Through many decades of manufacturing experience and unsurpassed knowledge through research and development, DBA has positioned itself as Australia’s most awarded manufacturer and a global leader in brake rotor manufacturing.

Through continuous improvements in engineering along with a thirst for innovation, DBA has managed to consistently re-define and deliver braking solutions for an extensive range of vehicle applications and conditions.

The DBA difference

With years of experience in producing and supplying Original Equipment, after-market and motorsport markets, DBA’s key difference to other importers of brake rotors lies in the heart of its core manufacturing.

As a manufacturer, DBA understands the materials, processes and tolerances required to produce a quality rotor.

DBA’s management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (certificate registrar. No. 10012) and accreditation by TUV Rheinland.